The true cost of a developer


When building any sizable software system, developers cannot function in isolation. They require an entire support system that makes the software solution happen.

It starts with generating the feature specs. It might seem trivial, but it sometimes takes more time to develop the specs than to code for them. So to scale with development, you also need to scale with product management.

Product features are often a combined function requiring product managers, UX designers, and software architects. Those three perspectives help determine how the feature should be designed and implemented.

Once the developer has coded a feature, a QA analyst must understand the feature and its impact to accurately test it so the releases can go out reliably.

Additionally, a software system where new developments are continuously happening requires a robust CI/CD and monitoring process that requires some DevOps expertise.

Developers are humans, and when humans are involved, some oversight and management becomes necessary.

Thus with every developer, you also need to budget for their product manager, dev manager, UX designer, Architect, QA analyst, and DevOps roles. Without that support system, you can only go so far with building products with just developers.

Here at SleekSky, we understand that support system to the core. That is why when you hire developers or a development team with us, we provide the entire support system as necessary. It makes developers more effective and reduces the hidden costs of development significantly.