UX Flow Design & Wireframing

Understand your domain and customers to design optimal flows and wireframes. We use Balsamiq & Figma.


Multi/Single Page Apps

Architect and develop large web application. Make them snappy while scaling for complexity and size.


API Design & Development

Develop RESTful / GraphQL based API services that are agile yet simple. Architect for performance and scale.


Data Design & Engineering

Data schema and architecture design. Optimize for performance, scale and cost. Implement an optimal caching strategy.


QA Testing & Automation

Add reliability to your product and solution with optimal QA processes and balanced manual and automated testing.


DevOps and Uptime Reliability

Develop and execute site-reliability strategies with robust monitoring, backup/restore and support systems.

The startup way

We optimize for quick launches, rapid iterations, and user feedback

  1. 1
    Rapid Ideation & Prototyping

    Generate design concepts and create interactive prototypes to validate core features for an MVP.

  2. 2
    Incremental Development & Optimization

    Implement features in sprints, optimizing code and maintaining flexibility for improvements.

  3. 3
    Continuous Testing & Feedback

    Engage in ongoing testing and user feedback to drive data-driven enhancements and adapt to changing needs.